BANES: A great double act. | An Elected Mayor for Bath and North East Somerset

When you think of the great double acts of history, names like Laurel & Hardy and Marks & Spencer come to mind; maybe even Ant & Dec

So Bath and North East Somerset might have again the choice of an historical decision, whhich many people did not fully understand yet

There has been some discussions regarding the referendum.  Its not about electing a Mayor of Bath, but a Mayor of Bath and North East Somerset.

The risk of higher cost

The additional cost £180,000 address: Bath and North East Somerset mayoral choice

Residents had to decide whether Bath & North East Somerset should be run by an elected mayor – or whether to maintain the current principle of a ‘Leader and Cabinet’ running the Council.

The outcome

Voters in Bath and North East Somerset have picked not to have a chosen leader. The outcome implies that the present framework will stay set up. BANES Council is driven by a pioneer picked by councilors.


Referendum Bath and North East Somerset Council

The new wave of English mayors: power to the people or fresh bureaucracy? Across England, discussions about devolution and regional mayors are taking concrete positions.

Bath & North East Somerset Council has received a valid petition seeking to change the way the Council is run, from a Leader and Cabinet Executive to an Elected Mayor and Cabinet Executive. Under The Local Authorities (Referendums) (Petitions) Regulations 2011 the Council must hold a referendum to consider the proposed change.

The referendum was held on Thursday 10 March 2016,

This is based of an appeal to having achieved the limit of 6,437 votes – or five for each penny of the electorate. Altogether there were more than 6800 substantial marks, so given enough reason toconsider this important suggestion.

The man behind the appeal to is Philip Raby, a nearby businesspeople who has run a video shop and the Bath Film Festival. He says it would give the possibility for the gathering to “transcend party governmental issues”. That suggests that he might want to have an autonomous chosen – I think about whether he is after the occupation himself? Assuming this is the case, sufficiently reasonable. Be that as it may, I was somewhat vexed to peruse that “he adores the bit in If… – a 1960s dream – where all inclusive school young men dressed as commandos swarm over housetops and put a shot between the director’s eyes.”

Mr Raby makes a reasonable point in saying that the cost of the submission will be extremely unassuming on the off chance that it is hung on May fifth when the Police and Crime Commissioner races are occurring in any case.

The Conservative gathering pioneer Cllr Tim Warren views the choice as something of a diversion which is justifiable. On adjust I support all the more straightforwardly chose Mayors. Surely getting an appeal to going is a beneficial interest for Conservatives in zones with smug hardened Labor chambers appreciating colossal larger parts. It’s a method for shaking things up. Whether the administration of Bath and North East Somerset needs shaking up is another matter. The occupants will have the capacity to choose.